LF052 - Truce and Consequences - Aiden vs Velvet

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LF052 - Truce and Consequences - Aiden vs Velvet (Custom Video)

50 Minutes of Chloroforming Knock Outs, Belly Punching.

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Aiden and Velvet are back again, but this time the war extends a little too far as their hatred for one another brings out the bad side of each lady. Sick and tired of how Aiden thinks she's the queen bee around here, Velvet confronts her nemesisand starts trash talking her, ridiculing Aiden. Not one to step down from a challenge, Aiden steps up and attacks Velvet, dropping her to the floor with a solid punch to the belly followed up with a knee to the abs. While Velvet is down and suffering, Aiden trash talks Velvet, ridiculing her and tosses in a kick and a stomp to emphasize her point at how weak and useless she thinks Velvet is. Climbing on Velvet and pinning her arms down, Aiden delivers devastating blows to her opponent's belly until she can't take it anymore and passes out from the pain. Happy with her handy work, Aiden comes back with her favourite tool of the trade, the Chloroformed Rag! As Velvet awakens, still dazed and hurt from Aiden's assault on her, she doesn't realize Aiden is behind her, ready with rag in hand and puts Velvet out with the cloth. Down goes poor Velvet. Aiden has her fun humiliating her unconscious and defenseless victim, playing with her arms like a rag doll to demonstrate how out of it her helpless victim really is. To Aiden, this is pure joy.

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*FANTASY female fighting! - Please note that this classic female fighting clip is close to 10+ years old, and thus is a smaller resolution of 640x480.

  • Classic female fighting with KOs

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    640 x 480 px
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  • Classic female fighting with KOs
  • Resolution640 x 480 px
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  • Duration49:04
  • Resolution640x480
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LF052 - Truce and Consequences - Aiden vs Velvet

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