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LF061 - Brutal Lesson ft Aiden & Bobbie Blush vs Jenna Blaze 960MP4


57 Minutes of intense 2 on 1 beat down, belly punches, hair pulling and dirty tactics!

This is the match a lot of you have been waiting to see. When Jenna Blaze and Mayden came onto the Ladyfist scene, they weren't impressed with how the roster gals were doing the work "Realistic but not real".. what pussies they muttered.. And they quickly started to push their weight around the place. This worried Aiden and Bobbie who know how to do their work in a safe manner while all the time making it look real and fun to watch.. so now they're afraid these two monsters are going to either end up hurting them for good or force the issue and cost them their jobs here at Ladyfist.

So what is a girl to do? Leave to Aiden to come up with a plan and it's a simple but effective one.. Divide and Conquer! Bobbie and Aiden lure Jenna to an old garage under false pretenses and it doesn't take long before the women suck punch Jenna down and start to go to town on her. Give kudos to Jenna though, she's a tough gal and doesn't take these two light-weights seriously as they hammer away at her but soon enough after a few good hits, she's starting to feel the pain and suffering that the two smaller women have in store for her. As they say around here: "Go big or stay home".. And these ladies are here for a while!!

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*FANTASY female fighting! - Please note that this classic female fighting clip has been cleaned and upscaled to 1280x960 using modern AI technology. Please see the preview clip and thumbnails in the slider.

Posted to Gumroad Mar 15th 2024

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Fantasy female fighting with knockouts

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LF061 - Brutal Lesson ft Aiden & Bobbie Blush vs Jenna Blaze 960MP4

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