[LFE-001] Ema vs Absynthe (Extreme)

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"LFExtreme-001" 43 Minutes bloody one sided beatdown featuring face and belly punching, KO, smother, cheap shots, and so much more..

Absynthe and Ema have never gotten along, usually with Absynthe getting the short end of the stick whenever these two ladies meet up. After a nasty fight, Absynthe crawls back to her room at the Ladyfist house, battered and exhausted. Looking to put an end to their nasty relationship, Absynthe invites Ema over to talk things through, not realizing Ema had followed her home.. Shocked to see Ema so suddenly, Absynthe passes out, which leaves her vulnerable as a rag doll for Ema to destroy and torture. And so begins Absynthe's most brutal and bloody one sided beatdown to date, all thanks to the vicious and sadistic Ema.

Full description + more screenshots on -
http://www.gotoavs.com/ladyfist/videosales/lfe001/index.html -

*FANTASY female fighting! - Please note that this classic female fighting clip is close to 10+ years old, and thus is a smaller resolution of 640x480.

  • Extreme fantasy female fighting classic

  • Resolution
    640 x 480 px
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  • Extreme fantasy female fighting classic
  • Resolution640 x 480 px
  • Size1.7GB
  • Duration43:16
  • Resolution640x480
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[LFE-001] Ema vs Absynthe (Extreme)

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