[LFE-002] Ema vs Absynthe (Extreme) Sequel

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"LFExtreme-002" 44 Minutes bloody one sided beatdown featuring face and belly punching, KO, smother, cheap shots, and so much more..

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You would think that after Absynthe's last horrific beatdown at the hands of her arch enemy, Ema, that the petite jobber girl would have learned her lesson and steered clear away from the evil and sadistic brunette.. but no.. not a chance! Seeking revenge, Absynthe gets right into Ema's face goes for the KO sleeperhold.. but no, Ema's not having any of it as she quickly turns the tables on her defiant opponent. Ema's not going to waste time playing with her little mouse this time.. she's going to teach Absynthe another brutal lesson, and this time with much more pain and suffering! With her tools of the trade in hand, Ema tortures and brutalizes her opponent until poor Absynthe is once again left in a pile of her own blood and pain..

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*FANTASY female fighting! - Please note that this classic female fighting clip is close to 10+ years old, and thus is a smaller resolution of 640x480.

  • Extreme fantasy female fighting classic

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    640 x 480 px
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  • Extreme fantasy female fighting classic
  • Resolution640 x 480 px
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  • Duration44:42
  • Resolution640x480
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[LFE-002] Ema vs Absynthe (Extreme) Sequel

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