[LFE-003] Pixie vs Ema (Extreme)

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LFExtreme-003 - Pixie vs Ema (Custom Video)

54 Minutes of the most intense wedgies, cheap shots, belly punching, sleepers and HOM one sided matches to date, Ema's epic destruction..

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Two of the toughest and meanest fighters at Ladyfist, Pixie and Ema have never been the best of friends. Their hatred for one another boil over in this epic match that sees Ema take the most brutal and vicious one sided beatdowns ever handed down to her since her first match on the mats at the hands of her much smaller but equally dangerous Pixie. When the trash talking starts, Pixie takes exception at the name calling and vows to make Ema suffer and slut her out on the street corner for her insults. Never one to back down from any fight, Ema locks up with Pixie but quickly finds out that the petite red head isn't playing around as Ema is brutally beaten down with the most vicious wedgies, cheap shots, deep belly punches and KO'd repeatedly with sleeper holds, choke holds and HOMs. Being unconcsious is the least of Ema's problems as Pixie punishes her limp opponent before waking Ema up for more punishment. Ema has never suffered a more brutal and humiliating beatdown than this one.

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*FANTASY female fighting! - Please note that this classic female fighting clip is close to 10+ years old, and thus is a smaller resolution of 640x480.

  • Extreme fantasy female fighting classic

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  • Extreme fantasy female fighting classic
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[LFE-003] Pixie vs Ema (Extreme)

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